Solving the Challenges in IT Research

The usual outcomes of IT research projects are publications, patents and in the best cases verified functioning prototypes. The research teams have only limited time to fulfill the often ambitious project’s objectives and this effort is often ended as the project funds are consumed.

Continuation to further develop and improve research prototypes is often limited due to a fact that new funding calls change objectives to reflect the newest trends and buzzwords in the research community. Thus the often useful and promising prototypes are abandoned and slowly getting obsolete thus depreciating the effort of research teams.

Bridging Prototypes to Real World

As a result there are many successfully completed research projects whose impact in real practical life is marginal. We believe we have the knowledge and ability to identify or deliver new prototypes and research outputs with high potential and to match these outputs with market expectations to introduce highly innovative and competitive products. We aim to bridge the gap between research outputs and practical technologies.

Our mission in Applied Research

To exploit highly innovative cutting edge information technologies by undertaking transfer
from research prototypes to real useful products and services.