Application Development

  • We use modern state of the art technologies and tools to ensure high quality software delivery.

Computing, Data Management & Processing

  • Exploiting Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools and methods for analyzing and processing your data.

Exploitation of Research Results to Products and Services

  • We aim to interconnect research offering with market expectations and to work on the synergy of both by exploiting research results to real viable commercial products or services.

Computer Science Research

  • We have rich experiences with proposing, delivering and researching H2020 projects

Cloud Computing and Hosted Services

  • Public Cloud
    • AWS, Google Cloud
    • Utilization on our servers
  • Private Cloud
    • SeaFile – file sync and share solution with high performance and reliability
  • Dedicated Servers
    • We will build and operate a secure server according to your needs
  • Container and VPS Hosting
    • Elastically customizable Dedicated Containers for your applications and demands
  • Mail/Web Hosting